Saturday 8/22
10:00 – Welcome by Parker Village, Soulardarity, and ESTF Planning Team We will hear about the work of Parker Village to create a high-tech net-zero neighborhood in Highland Park, the Blueprint for Energy Democracy created by Soulardarity, and get a sense of the day from the incredible planning team

10:30 – Panel #1: Healthy Homes: A conversation with MI Saves, EcoWorks, and Buckets of Rain about how to make safe, affordable,
sustainable homes accessible to all!

11:10 – Panel #2: Distributed Energy: A conversation with Revitalize Charging Solutions, General Motors, Elbinger Energy Solutions, Prof. Jose Alfaro, and Lee & Company about how new technology for storage and renewables make local power possible.

11:45 – Youth-Led Solutions Interlude: While you’re finishing your food, enjoy some videos highlighting local youth leadership on sustainability in Highland Park and Detroit!

12:00 – 15 Minute break, grab some lunch!

12:15 – Cities Lead The Way: A conversation with Citizens For A Sustainable Highland Park, The City of Muskegon Heights, Charthouse Energy, and the Detroit Green Task Force on how municipalities can push sustainability forward.

1:00 – Organizing For Change: A conversation with Work For Me, DTE, Michigan Welfare Rights, and Vote Solar on how communities are fighting and winning for democracy and affordability of water and power utilities.

1:45 – Live Q&A//Cross-Panel Pollination: Join us for a LIVE conversation where panelists from all areas will answer your questions, talk to each other, and deepen the discussion about energy, sustainability, and technology!

2:50 – Closing Remarks & What’s Next

Sunday 8/23
1:30-3pm – Let’s Talk! RSVP to join a breakout conversation with panelists and participants on one of the 5 topics. This is a space for engaged and active conversation about how we will take the themes from the ESTF 2020 out into the world and make them real.

We hope you will join us!